Welcome to Pixel-Shirts.com! We sell Retrogame-inspired T-shirts, caps and cottonbags. And we ship worldwide!

Welcome to Pixel-Shirts.com!

It is with great pleasure that we finally open this web shop with a focus on RetroGames T-shirt. Our goal is to provide as wide a range as we can, T-shirt for everyone! And by this we mean that we have the sizes and colors of our shirt so that everyone can find something that suits them!

Every now and then, we will replennish the supply and the best way to find out when something new is in store is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

So welcome here, to the newly opened Pixel-Shirts.com!

Please contact us with your questions, feedback and suggestions on this page!


We are constantly working to expand the range of shirts on the page. Did not you find what you searched for today? Come back soon and maybe you'll find something that suits you.

Hope to see you again soon! Sincerely - Pixel-Shirts.com

We have lots of different colors and sizes to choose from!

Here you will find all the information you need!